Welcome to Gamar Trading

GAMAR TRADING, S.A. is a full trading service company, established in The Dominican Republic since 1998, that offers its services not only in the Dominican home market but also in the Caribbean and Central American markets. We enjoy the great credits of both: products that are competitively priced and personalized service. We actually represent companies worldwide and particularly from Asia; nowadays we are one of the leading companies to offer: all sorts of Plywood, High Pressure Laminated -Formica-, Wire, Rope, Wire-Mesh, Steel, Cast Iron, Masonry Nails, Glass, Light-bulbs and Tarpauline, PVC pipes and Fittings with own warehouse in St. John's - Antigua.

Besides the products mentioned above, we also offer all kinds of Hardware, ironmonger houseware and kitchenware articles -starting since floor-tiles until doorknockers. You just have to select your interested items, then we will offer the lowest possible prices accompanied by the best services, since we treat our clients as individuals with specific needs, regardless of account size.

We are always trying to catch the trend of the markets as well as trend of the products, presenting to our clients such products in the top quality yet at reasonably competitive prices, so that they can be accepted in the market.
We thank you very for your attention and look forward to establishing a longstanding business relationship with your company.